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Valle dei Laghi of Trentino (Mount Bondone is the mountain of the city of Trento). Here are the lakes of Lamar destination for naturalists and fishing enthusiasts. Located just below the Monte Paganella, are the lakes of Lamar: Lake Santo and Lake Lamar. Beach and green waters in a place of true relaxation. Lake Terlago is only a couple of miles South. The lakes are the starting point for scenic routes that climb up to the peaks of Paganella. Caving enthusiasts here are familiar with the famous Abyss Lamar, a deep cave with a series of natural wells that arrive to measure up to 100 meters.

Camping Moser

Camping Moser

Trento e Monte Bondone
Viale Nazionale, 64 Loc. Nave S. Felice - 38015 LAVIS (TN)
Open: Summer
  • n° 90
  • n° 24
  • n° 6
  • n° 5
  • 208
  • accesso-animaliristorantescarichi-camper
    Camping Laghi di Lamar

    Camping Laghi di Lamar

    Trento e Monte Bondone
    Via alla Selva Faeda, 15 - Fraz. Monte Terlago - 38070 TERLAGO (TN)
    Open: Summer - Winter
    Position: Lake - Mountain
  • n° 450
  • n° 113
  • n° 20
  • n° 16
  • n° 9
  • 800 m
  • 700
  • accesso-animalimarketnoleggio-mountain-bikepiscinaristorantescarichi-camperwi-fi


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