The Rio Sass di Fondo canyon in Val di Non

This is a scenic excursion among narrow rock walls and fascinating light effects

The historic centre of the village Fondo in Val di Non is divided in two by the gorge carved by the waters of the Rio Sass. In 2001, a path was opened that allows access to a dark world made of narrow rock walls and fascinating light effects.

From the historical centre of Fondo, you go down, following a path of metal walkways, to visit the ravine with the guide and the necessary equipment.
You walk hundreds of meters between narrow rock walls: the narrowest point of the canyon is 25 cm! The gorge is 800 m long, entirely covered by the walkway which has a total of 337 steps and rises above the deep canyon of the Rio Sass.

The path turns into an evocative journey between games of light and shadow with different naturalistic and geological peculiarities: from the potholes of the giants to the fossils, passing through stalactites and stalagmites, without forgetting the rich fauna that inhabits the stream.
After the visit you can complete your day going to the enchanted Lago Smeraldo - Emerald Lake - in Fondo through a romantic walk illuminated even at night.

Foto ©
Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. Foto di Pillow Lab, Pio Geminiani


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