The Pyramids of Segonzano

The earth pyramids that make the Val di Cembra unique

The earth pyramids are the most unique and rare geological phenomenon that characterizes the Cembra Valley. The earth pyramids are the result of over 20,000 years of simultaneous natural forces.

The stone boulders protect the soil from the water, while runoff and rain remove the surrounding material, thus outlining the typical shape of the pyramid: a cone trunk surmounted by a boulder that can be till 20 meters high. Next to the pyramids you can see the pointed pyramids with a conical stem without protective boulders: they are generally not very high, due to easier erosion. Another typical form is the ridge shape, consisting of a serrated and sharp blade of soil. Sometimes the pyramids are grouped like organ pipes. The trees and plants are important to protect the pyramid structure.

You can easily visit park of the Pyramids. You can park on the provincial road to Segonzano and continue on foot for about an hour on a path with a difference in altitude of 300 m.

Foto ©
Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. Foto di Mario Debiasi, Alessandro Gruzza


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