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The touristic area is called Valle di Cembra and Altopiano di Piné, about 15 km from the city of Trento.

The area is ideal for relaxing days along the lakes called Serraia and Piazze, from which you can leave for mountain hikes and tastings in the alms, with your family and friends, in an alpine environment full of warmth and hospitality.Both lakes were awarded the Blue Flag of Europe Award, for the quality of the local facilities and their clear waters. They are perfect for enjoying the sun on the lawn, for a canoe trip or for a regenerating swim. The winter atmosphere on the plateau is magic, thanks to the Christmas events - among the others one is devoted to various cradles and is called “Paès dei Presepi” - to alternate with fun days on the ice track of the Ice Rink.

The Valle di Cembra is famous for its picturesque terraced landscapes of vineyards and the production of wine and prestigious grappa - a renowned local spirit. Slow tourism allows the visitors to enjoy the local food products and dishes, completed by cultural and naturalistic visits - the Segonzano earth pyramids is a must sightseeing destination - or sport activities, such as walks in the green woods on foot, by mountain bike or even on horseback. 

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Camping Cané in Fiore

Altopiano di Piné and Valle di Cembra
Via al Fiore, 3 Loc. Miola - 38042 BASELGA DI PINE' (TN)
Open: Estate - Inverno - Annuale
Position: Montagna
  • n° 360
  • n° 112
  • n° 16
  • n° 11
  • n° 21
  • 1,5 km
  • 1060
  • free
  • case-mobiliaccesso-animalisport-friendlycampo-calcettocampo-pallavoloristorantescarichi-camperwi-fi

    Camping Pineta

    Altopiano di Piné and Valle di Cembra
    Loc. Lago dell Piazze - 38043 BEDOLLO (TN)
    Open: Estate
    Position: Lago - Montagna
  • n° 240
  • n° 62
  • n° 10
  • n° 6
  • n° 2
  • 20 m
  • 1.000
  • free
  • case-mobiliaccesso-animalinoleggio-mountain-bikeristorantewi-fi

    Camping Verde Blu

    Altopiano di Piné and Valle di Cembra
    Via Verdi, 38 Loc. Lago delle Piazze - 38043 BEDOLLO DI PINE' (TN)
    Open: Estate
    Position: Lago - Montagna
  • n° 257
  • n° 69
  • n° 5
  • 30 km
  • 200 m
  • 1.130
  • case-mobilicameraaccesso-animalianimazionesport-friendlycampo-calcettocampo-pallavolocampo-da-tennis


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