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Lamar Lakes

A relaxing destination for naturalists, divers and fishers

The lakes of Lamar are two mountain lakes (Lake Santo and Lake of Lamar) in Valle dei laghi (the lakes valley) in Southwestern Trentino.

They are located at 730 metre asl. In the East the Northern mountains of Monte Soprasasso divide them from the lower Valle dell’Adige while in the West there is mount Paganella. To reach them from Trento go towards Cadine and Terlago. Once passed Terlago, continue towards the hamlet of Monte Terlago until the end of the road.

It’s a relaxing zone, suitable for all the excursionists and campers of Trentino Outdoor who fancy quiet walks or Nordic walking. The two lakes are a destination for naturalists, divers and fishers. The Lakes of Lamar a long time ago were united but they were separated by a landslide that created Lake Santo (in the South) and Lake Lamar (in the North). The Lake Lamar has crystal clear waters, surrounded by a beech forest and a wide beach in the West side. It has an area of 2320 square metres. It hasn’t considerable tributary and emissaries but only small streams. It is 4 metres deep; in the South there’s a swimming area only 1-2 metres deep, rich with fishes.

The beauty and the varied fauna of the lakes make them attractive both among naturalists and fishers. The area is also a starting point for suggestive itineraries until the peak Paganella. If you’re searching an unconventional landscapes to make beautiful photos, you will not be disappointed. Among the many attractions of the place, note the famous Abyss of Lamar, a deep cave with a series of wells; some of these are even one hundred metres deep. In the area of Lakes Lamar you can find meadows, woods, uncontamined nature; here you can have an outdoor holiday, away from traffic, noise and pollution. As regards mountain-biking, this area offers bycicle lanes and dirt track over two thousand metres, country road between rows of grapes and Alpine peaks.

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