Valle dei Mocheni

It is also called the Enchanted Valley and it surrounded by the peaks of the Lagorai

The Valle dei Mocheni, known as the Enchanted Valley for its magnificent natural scenery, proves to be a fascinating Trentino valley in every season. You will find a lot of hiking routes among meadows and forests, surrounded by the mountain peaks of the Lagorai mountain chain. You can reach one of the most beautiful lakes of Trento, Erdemolo , with a beautiful hike of about 2 hours.

The Val dei Mocheni is perfect for the holidays of outdoor lovers but it is also remarkable for its local inhabitants' traditions. The local population is made up of a German minority who migrated here during the Middle Ages. To discover the origins of this valley, you can visit the Mocheni / Bernstol Valley Museum and the Grua va Hardombl Mine, where you can still see the marks left by those who worked there.

In addition, there are numerous huts and farms, such as that of Fierozzo, Maso Filzerhof, an original local house dating back to 1400. Also worth visiting is the ancient water mill of Frassilongo / Garait.

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Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. Foto di Daniele Lira


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