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    Camping Al Pescatore


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Forts of the Great War

Trentino is an open-air museum with remainders of the First World War

Trenches, fortifications, military paths and observatories: Trentino is a real open-air museum where you can find numerous elements dating back to the First World War.

From the second half of the nineteenth century, under the Austro-Hungarian domination, multiple fortifications were built throughout Trentino to defend the territory which were fully used during the Great War.

To keep the memory alive, the Path of Peace was created, a circuit of about 520 km that connects the places that were the scene of those events. Inside, a special atmosphere, full of suggestions and re-enactments, bring to light the dramatic events of the last century.

The many fortifications built in Valsugana still remind us of the tragic events of the war: Forte del Pizzo di Levico (at 1,908mt with wonderful panoramic views), Forte di Tenna, Forte del Conne delle Benne (recently renovated), Forte Busa Verle and Forte Busa Grande.

Alpe Cimbra is also rich in forts connected by interesting excursions: Forte Verla, Forte Belvedere-Gschwent, Forte Busa Verle, Forte Dosso delle Somme, Forte Sommo Alto, Forte Werk Lusérn.

Another border area is around Lake Garda with some noteworthy forts: Forte Batteria di Mezzo, Forte Garda, Forti di Nago and Monte Brione.

Foto ©
Fototeca Trentino Sviluppo S.p.A. Foto di Studio Rensi - APT Valsugana Foto di C. Facen

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